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13 weeks = light years closer to your finished book.

Oh, hey there, almost author.

Writing a book is one of those magical, way-far-away, bucket list type dreams for so many people. I spent decades dreaming about it, talking about it, and waiting for The Perfect Time to do it. But there was no such time and there were no shortcuts. I wasn’t an English major, I don’t have an MFA, and I spent 15 years in a totally different line of work. Frankly, I was technically unqualified and highly unlikely to succeed at writing a book.

But I did! And so can you.

Writing saved my life and writing a book has been one of the most brilliant, rewarding experiences. But it’s hard—and not just because of the work involved—but because so much of it is mysterious. Where do you start? How do you find the time? How much time does it take? Do you outline and structure, or just write away? Do you need an agent—and if so—how the hell do you find one? What do publishers want? What are your chances of selling your book? (Quick answer: zero, if you never write it!).

I’ve put together an incredible team to support you all the way—from New York Times bestselling authors and publishing industry veterans—but more than anything, you’re going to learn to show up for yourself.

If it’s time, you know it. Make the leap. We’re gonna do this!



Priceless information, accountability, and support.



Writing a book is miraculous, but it does not need to be mysterious.

take this course if

  • You have a story inside you that you’re dying to tell, but you don’t know where to begin.

  • You are serious about completing a book-length project of non-fiction or memoir. Fiction projects are possible, but we will discuss 1x1 before you join.

  • You are willing to dedicate time and energy to your project. Minimum, you should expect to commit 4 hours a week for the duration of the course. There are 168 hours in a week, FYI. :)

  • You’re stuck creatively and you’re ready to break through resistance and move forward.

  • You want to have FUN working hard with a small group of incredible humans.

  • You want to learn from some of the best in the industry: authors, agents, editors.

  • You’re ready to take on a big, juicy, exciting challenge.

this course isn’t right for you, if…

  • Your project requires a lot of research work that is not yet complete.

  • You’re not passionate about your story or message.

  • You don’t feel a deep desire to write your book at this time.




13 weeks, 10 topics.

THE masterclass BEGINS september 18 AND RUNS FOR 13 weeks, ENDING ON december 18.

Learn about the masterclass teachers.



Part 1

Set your intention, establish your plan, define your book, learn the structure of a non-fiction book + write the Introduction to your book.

Week 1 // Mindset + Plan

Week 2 // THE “WHAT” - defining your book

Week 3 // Structure, Part 1

Week 4 // Structure, Part 2 with Melissa Febos


Part 2

Write the first two chapters of your book with peer feedback and support, learn what makes a book sell from a publisher’s viewpoint and how to establish voice.

Week 5 // just write, 1

Week 6 // reviewing and refining

Week 7 // establishing your voice with sarah hepola

Week 8 // permission and ownership with elissa altman


Part 3

Write two more chapters of your book with peer feedback and support, learn how to get an agent, and the anatomy of a book proposal (many pieces of which you will have already finished!).

Week 9 // just write, 2

Week 10 // literary agent’s view with alexander field, the bindery

Week 11 // Just write, 3

Week 12 // anatomy of a book proposal with executive editor, jason gardner



Now that you have drafts of your introduction + four chapters of the book, what’s next? Establish a continuation plan + ongoing support.

Week 13 // putting it all together

You will receive…

AfterlightImage 9.JPG

THE masterclass BEGINS september 18 AND RUNS FOR 13 weeks, ENDING ON december 18.

  • Priceless demystification of the book-writing + publishing process into manageable pieces so you can actually do it

  • Time, accountability, and feedback to write the Introduction + four chapters of your book (this is more than enough to sell your book, if you choose to)

  • A solid outline for your book + completion of the critical pieces of a book proposal

  • Ten 60-minute live classes with Laura held on Wednesdays (12-1pm ET) to kick-off the weekly topic + answer questions*

  • Five expert-led 60-minute live classes taught by:*

    • Alexander Field, Literary Agent and Founder, The Bindery (Laura’s agent)

    • Jason Gardner, Executive Editor at New World Library

    • Sarah Hepola, New York Times bestselling author of Blackout and forthcoming memoir, Curvy

    • Melissa Febos, Author of Whip Smart and Abandon Me and professor of Creative Writing at Monmouth University

    • Elissa Altman, Critically acclaimed author of three books, including forthcoming memoir, Motherland

  • A private forum for support (not Facebook!)

  • Review and in-depth feedback on your individual work by Laura (1x for each student)

  • Access to the course website for one full year (all handouts and resources are yours to keep for life)

  • Discounts on future TRR courses

*All classes are recorded for later viewing/listening.


 Questions, Answered


Q. how many spots are there in the masterclass?

A. Only sixteen. This is to ensure maximum value for each student’s investment. Laura wants to make sure she is really connected to each student’s work.

Q. how do i grab a spot?

A. Fill out the application!

Q. what if i want to write a book, but not publish it? is this course for me?

A. That’s perfect. Many people don’t want to publish their work, but want to complete it for other reasons. On the two weeks where we focus on what’s needed for publishing, you can write another chapter of your book. By the end, you will have 6-7 chapters completed!

Q. why should i take this course vs. any other one out there?

A. You should only take this course if you’re reading through this and get that soft-click feeling that this is exactly what you need to do, right now. Many other courses overpromise and underdeliver. This course is very high-touch, meaning you will get a lot of instruction and face time with Laura and the teachers.

This course is very practical, but it also has a spiritual backbone, because that’s how Laura works and lives (practical + mystical). If you’re not feeling that, don’t take it!

Q. IS THIS a sobriety / recovery-themed course?

A. No.


A. All weekly calls with Laura are held on Wednesdays from 12-1 pm ET unless otherwise noted. The full course schedule is here.


A. No worries. All classes are recorded and posted to the course site. You have access to the recorded classes/calls for one year from the time you purchase the course.


A. You'll get immediate access to the members site, which includes the welcome video from Laura, information on how to prepare for the course, and a reading & supplies list. We will open the private forum about a week before the course begins.

Q. WHAT IS THE COST OF THE masterclass?

A. Course registration is $4800.


A. Yes, there are 2-month, 3-month and 5-month payment plans. If your application is accepted, you will be provided with more information.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Because there are very limited spots in this course, no refunds will be offered. All sales are final.


A. Nope, it’s for everyone!

Q. is the forum on facebook?

A. Nope! The forum will be hosted on a private site, far, far away from social media.


A. There will be plenty of time for Q&A with Laura during the weekly live class and you can submit questions to her throughout the course, which will be answered on the live calls.

Q. WILL laura review my writing?

A. Each student will get to submit one full chapter to Laura, once, during the “Just Write” weeks, for detailed feedback. She will also select four pieces of student writing to review on the weekly calls. During the other Just Write weeks, you will receive peer feedback on your work.


A. One year from the date of purchase, but all handouts and additional resources provided are yours to keep for life. 

Q. will this course be offered again?

A. Yes, but not until fall 2020.

A word after a word after a word is power.
— Margaret Atwood

We will respond within 24 hours.




Laura GETS it. As a teacher, she possesses a rare ability to articulate wisdom in a way that is both practical and divine.

Elena Brower, Best-Selling Author of Art of Attention and Practice You

Simply stated, Laura is one of the most incredible teachers I have had the pleasure to learn from. I work at a highly regarded university, and she demonstrates an investment in her class and her students that far surpasses what I see in some of my institution’s highest ranked professors.

—eric johnson

Taking Laura's courses have been two of the best investments in myself I have ever made. Laura gently led me to access the deepest parts of myself. She guided me to unearth what my soul had been calling for me to do for years, and helped me garner the courage to finally listen and take action. She made me feel heard and nurtured every step of the way. I use the tools I have learned in her courses on a daily basis to help nourish my body, mind, and soul. I will be forever grateful for Laura's work and the vast array of knowledge she shares, as it has truly changed my life.  

—Molly gorney

To say Laura gets it, would be a vast understatement.  She has made it her life’s work to really get it, and to really care if other people are able to live better lives alongside her.

—Erica Crescenzi


Laura has been there. She walks her talk. She knows exactly how difficult this work is and has dedicated her life to not only her own healing, but in forging a path to help others.

meadow devor, author of the art of wayfinding and money love


There is true magic in what Laura does. She creates an environment of openness and inquiry that is unlike anything I’ve known before.
She is a gifted teacher and everyone benefits from her wisdom and generosity.

—judy harper

Laura is so invested. She put her heart and soul into teaching and as a student, you can feel it.


brooke (1).png

Through finding Laura’s work I not only found a voice that I could identify with, I found my way back to myself. Laura will forever be one of the greatest teachers in my life.

—Brooke Mays, Student


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